Gathering Competitive Intelligence

8 Cheap & Easy Methods for Gathering Competitive Intelligence

B2B marketers, especially in small and medium size companies, often lack the budget for competitor research. In this post you'll learn 8 cheap & easy ways to gather competitive intelligence.
Competitive Intelligence for B2B Marketers

Competitive Intelligence: 8 Ways B2B Marketers Should Use

Learn 8 ways B2B marketers should be using competitive intelligence. Even small and medium sized businesses need an on-going effort to monitor the competitive landscape and beat out their competitors.
B2B Buyer personas

B2B Buyer Personas: 6 Easy Ways to Research & Develop

Get started creating B2B Buyer Personas with these 6 tips.
B2B buyer personas

7 Reasons Every B2B Marketing Strategy Needs Buyer Personas

How confident are you that your B2B marketing efforts are targeting the right audience? Learn 7 reasons you need buyer personas to increase marketing success.
Scariest Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation: Poor Data Quality and 3 Things You Should Do Now

Learn about 3 things you should do now to eliminate the scariest thing about marketing automation - the data monster lurking within.
Tower of Pisa B2B marketing Lesson

Differentiation Strategy: A B2B Marketing Lesson from the Tower of Pisa

A modern marketer, avid traveler and a leaning tower. Read how the Tower of Pisa uses Porter's differentiation strategy to drive competitive advantage.
Racing to the finish line

B2B Lead Generation is Just Like Motorsport Racing – No Really!

B2B demand generation is just like motorsport racing - no really! Learn about the top 4 elements you need for a podium finish.
Agile B2B marketing

Is Your B2B Marketing Agile or ADD?

The pace of change from technology and the explosion of digital channels are challenging B2B marketing department. If you're operating in "ADD" mode, maybe agile methodologies can save you and your marketing team.
Engaging B2B marketing content

Producing Engaging B2B Marketing Content: Overcome 3 Challenges

B2B marketers top priority for 2016 has been creating engaging content, not just more. This post discusses how to overcome three challenges to content production for B2B marketing teams.